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When mama says, “let’s start a Blues Festival”, it can take you back a step or two. For 5 years before the festival finally got off the ground, Debbi and Jennifer Grogan did as much research as possible. Jennifer, being the more level headed one, was concerned because we’d never produced a music festival. Oktoberfest, but a music festival? But mom, the one who comes up with crazy ideas wanted this to happen, and she wanted it to be 2 days. Thankfully Jennifer won out on the 1-day festival to start with, but now in year 7 we are ready to go to 2 days. That’s pretty much what it takes, crazy ideas and a level head.    

The Flagstaff Blues and Brews festival has grown in 6 short years to become Arizona’s largest Blues Festival. Produced by Peak Events, a 100% woman owned and run event planning company. This festival has attracted people from as far away as England and has been compared to much larger festivals.   And we’ve just gotten started! 

We are committed to preserving music in our schools. We believe music education is important for children, and we’ve contributed to our local students as well as students on the Navajo Reservation by repairing instruments, making sure no child goes without an instrument by underwriting instrument rentals and helping local schools enhance their music programs

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