Blues N Brews will be my first time working on a festival at the size and volume of this one. Experiencing Oktoberfest this past Fall was such a blast! During the festival, I looked around at the bands on stage, the vendors food items, the tables for local businesses around Flagstaff and of course, the beer! I realized how many working pieces have to go into events such as the Oktoberfest or Blues N Brews festivals. I am most excited to see how the process comes together from beginning to end. It will be interesting to participate in the planning of the festival and experience the implementation and execution of the hard work that will be put in throughout the next few months. In addition, Blues music is great to listen to and during the summer months in Flagstaff, the weather will be perfect for an outdoor festival like this. Overall, I know this event will be a success and I am looking forward to learning the entire process of planning for a festival like Blues N Brews.