Today we launch our ticket sales a month earlier than expected.   See – this is why Jennifer is in charge of logistics.  I would have waited until at least February 26th before I started working on ticket sales and any chance we would have had to start early would have been buried.   Jen however, has been bugging me for information since December and even though I grumbled, I did it.   Boy am I happy I have a child who didn’t get my procrastination gene!

Today has been a crazy day between sponsor meetings, ticket launching and talking to potential vendors.  However, it’s also been an exciting day – it’s always exciting when you get ready to launch ticket sales.   So, on that note – how about we talk about the top ten reasons you should attend the Flagstaff Blues and Brews Festival!

  1. It’s June 10th. Now, unless you live in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma – basically everywhere to the west and south of Flagstaff, you probably don’t know why this is such a big deal!   Let me explain Flagstaff in June.   7,000 feet and 75 degrees, no humidity and no bugs.  Yep – pretty awesome!  Almost makes up for the nearly 5 feet of snow we’ve had this year.
  2. The great smell of Pine. And not the Pine-sol kind – the fresh air you get when surrounded by the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest smell.   The air is clean and crisp and the sky is such an amazing shade of blue that when you sit there and listen to the music, you’ll be happy you’re alive.
  3. The lineup! HOLY MOLY!   I can hardly wait -HARDLY WAIT to watch these bands perform!   I’ve been able to ask Alexa to play me some Chubby Carrier and before you know it I’m dancing around to Zydeco!  Or, I ask her to play some Victor Wainwright and she’s on it.   When I ask her to play North Mississippi Allstars I can listen to their music for a few hours, they have so many songs.
  4. Brews! We have 7 breweries plus domestic beers.   Looks like our brewery lineup with be with Lumberyard, Mother Road, Four Peaks, Prescott Brewing, Oak Creek, Barrio and Mudshark.   Each brewery will have 2 handles and it should be fantastic!   We’ll also be serving wine!
  5. Kid’s Area – If you have kiddos, and they’re under the age of 12 – bring them in for free! We’re going to have some great games and activities, bounce houses and fun times.
  6. Onsite parking! You can drive onsite and park, and it’s free!   Of course if I were going to go to a Blues and Brews Festival, I’d be taking an Uber or Lyft – but that’s me.   One thing about the parking – cars must be removed by 8 am the next morning.   We have to give the driving range back at 9am!
  7. Vendors!!! LOVE my vendors.   I always love to walk around and look at the nifty stuff people think of making.   It really is a treat, and I always walk away with cool items.
  8. Staff! Okay, I may be a tad prejudiced, but we have an amazing staff that really care about you and your time at the festival.  Whether at the ticket booth, entrance, volunteer tent, greenroom, VIP, merchandise, info and first Aide, our staff knows how to help you enjoy the festival.
  9. Volunteers! We have the BEST volunteers EVER!!!  I might concede that I’m a tad prejudiced, but every year, people sign up and every year I’m amazed that somehow they keep getting better.  We could not put on the Flagstaff Blues and Brews Festival without our amazing volunteers.
  10. YOU! Our audience!   Your feedback and support has to be the number one reason to attend.   I wouldn’t know what to do without your questions, your encouragement and your support.   I love our following and everyone at Peak Events strives to make it better each year.   Thank you!


Now that you know my reasons on why you should attend – get your butts over to and buy those tickets!!!   We’ve got a festival to put on and this year will be the best one yet!  See you in June!