Hello Blues Fans!

Well these last few weeks have been hard, I’m not going to lie. Every time I sit down to work I start to cry and I miss my mom every single minute of every day. Not many of you know how close we were… sure we were mother and daughter and even business partners but she was also my best friend. So I’ve really felt like I’ve lost a huge piece of myself. I want to thank those who have emailed or called to send me condolences but also support, not only for me but for the festival as well. I am pushing through because this festival meant the world to my mom.

With that being said I have actually gotten a lot done, even though at times it doesn’t feel like it. Our vendor applications are starting to be sent out. We are trying to firm up sponsors for the event. You might not know this but a lot of our funding and support comes from sponsorships, in fact the event wouldn’t be possible without them. So if you know a business or maybe your business you work for might want to sponsor Blues, please email me! Bands… mom had the most amazing list, and I am waiting on 4 bands to sign on the dotted line. Fingers crossed I get those done this week, so I can start prepping for our announcement on Friday February 1st!

So let’s talk a bit about the event… Friday June 7th we will open the doors for VIP ticket holders at 2 pm and GA ticket holders at 2:30 and the first band will start at 3 pm and we will go until 9 pm. So yes you’ll need a jacket, or you can buy one our amazing Blues Hoodies. Saturday June 8th doors for VIP ticket holders will open at 10:30 am and GA ticket holders at 11 am and the first band will start at 11:30 am and we will continue until 8 pm. So that means we have 4 bands for Friday and 6 bands for Saturday. And I’m telling you will NOT be disappointed. Now… if you’ve been a fan of ours for awhile you know that we tend to give our newsletter readers advance notice of the bands and purchase tickets first… so if you know someone who isn’t getting these newsletters, but they should, email me!

Twin Arrows Casino Resort – a long time festival partner is back to sponsor our VIP Tent! I can’t thank them enough for all the support over the years. What I can do is mention they are offering hotel rooms for $129 a night! So call 1-855-946-8946 and mention Blues to get the rate. I’m going to try and work on a free shuttle to and from the casino too – but that requires you booking rooms!

Something else new for 2019… no re-entry. I know, I know but seriously it’s so hard on my staff and confusing for everyone. We are one of the few festivals who continued to allow it but as we go 2 days, we have decided to eliminate it.  Hopefully that doesn’t turn anyone off. And if you really hate the idea, speak now or forever hold your peace. LOL

Alright fans… I think that’s the whole update for now. As you can tell I will start sending out a newsletter every 2 weeks, add that to my long list. So things to remember… Mark your Calendars for February 1st, Send me any potential sponsors and talk to me about no re-entry.
Thank you again everyone… I really hope to carry on my mom’s love and vision of this festival in 2019.