Hello Blues Fans!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer.  I’m loving it.  Sitting outside in the morning while I drink my coffee, and then sitting outside in the evening listening to music.  Summer is my favorite time of the year for sure!  I know, many of you, in fact most of you are suffering through some insane heat, but when you’re sitting outside enjoying morning coffee, we’re shoveling snow.  I feel your pain.

We are 310 days away from the 7th Annual Flagstaff Blues and Brews, and Jen and I are working on the festival, following up with sponsors, lining up hotel deals, and looking at possible shuttle sites.  We sneaked by with just enough parking this year, that’s for sure!    And of course, I’m spending a lot of time listening to potential bands for next year!    It’s always fun to spend an afternoon listening to music.  Do you have more suggestions for us? Please email us!

What exactly constitutes the blues?  I’m searching for bands, and I look to their performance in videos and if they get the crowd involved, look at their social media following, and if they have a following, I look at other festivals they’ve played and who they’ve shared the stage with and of course I listen to their music.  I was listening to Boz Scaggs on NPR, and he talked about playing the blues.  I have ALWAYS been a fan of Boz Scaggs, but his sound always struck me more of a jazz sound.  Elvin Bishop is now a blues artist, as is Mick Fleetwood.

So, what is the blues?  Is it Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Southern Blues Rock, or must it be just old-time blues?  There were complaints that North Mississippi Allstars and Robert Randolph weren’t blues.  I had people tell me Curtis Salgado wasn’t blues. (see what I mean?)  Here’s what I’m shooting for with my headliner, I want to entice more people to attend, I want a good crossover of ages, and most of all, I want people who will want to comeback every year.  I look for crossover acts that can grab people who have never been attracted to the blues, and they discover they had no idea they liked the blues!   So, I know everyone has a zillion ideas for the bands, I’m choosing them now, so send it in!

Jen and Deb