Hi Blues Fans!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, ours was a bit cold. We ended up getting mostly rain and some snow. We need it up here, it’s been a dry winter.

Now, I need to remind everyone that ticket prices INCREASE this Sunday! So don’t wait… get your tickets now, at the lowest price they will be! Click HERE to buy your tickets today!

As a reminder, doors on Friday open at 2:30 pm (2 pm if you’re VIP) and we have 4 incredible bands. Saturday doors open at 11 am (10:30 am if you’re VIP) and we have 6 amazing bands including Christone Kingfish Ingram and Taj Mahal!

And if you don’t want to pay for a ticket, you can get in free… if you VOLUNTEER! Our signups are up and ready to go. Click HERE to sign up today!

Parking is limited onsite this year… we are asking vendors to condense to one car, volunteers to park off site and take a free shuttle. AND we have a FREE shuttle from the Flagstaff Mall. You can park there and ride the bus (a 10 minute drive) to and from the event. No need to worry about parking, I have you covered!

Now, I need to ask for some help… I’m not really sure how I pulled off last year’s event. I felt like all of 2019 I was in a fog and on auto pilot with everything in my life. Now I’m coming out of it, still crying a lot but now it’s hitting me that I have a festival to produce! Somehow I pulled off our biggest festival to date in 2019, with the help of all of you, our supportive sponsors, my incredible interns, amazing family and friends and no doubt some help from my mom who is always watching over me.

Which brings me to the help I need, we are in need of sponsors. I absolutely hate asking people for money, it’s not something I enjoy doing, never have! But nonetheless, this festival is getting more and more expensive to put on, all event costs have increased this year and with the bigger talent we have brought in, the more money that is.

I am in search of some sponsors, like our Photo Booth – every photo that is printed out, could have a company logo on it! 2 day GA wristbands need a sponsor – your company logo could be on every single one printed. Kids area – while we don’t have a large amount of kids, I still need to entertain those that come! Shuttle Bus sponsor – those buses aren’t cheap and I need a sponsor who potentially wants to get in front of all the folks taking the free shuttle. Bike Valet – I would love to get a space up front for people who want to ride their bikes to safely store them for the event. Shade tents – you know I ordered more, but why not have a company who can’t man a booth still have an onsite presence with a banner!

So if you know someone, or a business who would like to partner with our incredible festival, please send them my way!

Okay, now that I’ve sold you on helping me with sponsors, and encouraged you to purchase your tickets this week before they increase March 1st, I think I’m done… oh wait! Book your hotel rooms, AirBnB rooms or get your Flagstaff family to put you up on their couch. If you’ve attended before you know hotel rooms SELL OUT! Click HERE to see a list of our partners.

Thank you for all the support, the communication on what you love and don’t love, the band recommendations, etc. I hope everyone understands that I wouldn’t be able to do this event without all of your support. I truly appreciate it, and your love for this festival. You will be what keeps this event going, hopefully for years to come!