Holy Cow it’s September! When did that happen? Seriously weren’t we just celebrating the success of Blues just last week? This summer has flown by for me, how about you? So in addition to owning and producing the Flagstaff Blues Festival, I also own and produce the Flagstaff Oktoberfest which is just a little over a month away. I’m also working on a conference later in October and I have just been asked to help with a Gala in March! I’ve been just a tad busy.

Update on Blues… I think I have our sponsorship packages done and dialed in for 2020. So if you know of a business that should be or wants to be in front of YOU then please send them my way! I really want to get some big name sponsors, like Fender, American Airlines, AARP, Aetna, Arizona Ford Dealers, Verizon Wireless, One AZ Credit Union, and the Arizona Cardinals. So if you happen to know someone at these companies, please help me out.

I just met with Lyft and they are coming on board as our official ride share partner! I couldn’t be more happy about that. You asked for this and I got them! I also just met with our local bus line to see about having a FREE shuttle, still some details to work out but it looks like that is also coming together! As you know parking is getting smaller the more we grow. So I am looking for solutions to this problem early.

Onto the most important thing… the music. THANK YOU for all the emails with suggestions! That was a huge help. I think I have my dream lineup complete, well the big names. Now, I just need to send out offers and hope they accept. I still have the first 2 spots on Friday and the first spot open on Saturday. If you know of a smaller band, or you are one of the smaller bands please be patient with me. I have 3 spots only to fill for those spots and I get inundated with bands wanting to play. I will say my bigger focus right now is the headliners and supporting acts. I need to snag them while I can, and at the price I can afford. My goal is to have the large acts signed by the end of October. Then I can spend November looking for supporting acts and getting marketing materials ready for our lineup announcement on February 1st!

Thank you again for all the support, and the help. It’s so nice to have your feedback and suggestions. It’s been tough trying to figure out bands without my mom here. I again, I really do appreciate all the feedback. I feel like we are one big Flagstaff Blues Family, and I love hearing from you!

Have a fantastic September!!