Hello Blues Fans!

We’re less than 3 weeks out and everything is coming together!  Jen has confirmed with all the bands and it looks like no cancellation, so the lineup shirts can be printed.  (After Taj Mahal canceled 2 weeks out, we don’t print lineup shirts until the last minute!)  Staffing is figured out – I have to say, our interns and past interns are amazing.  We have 5 of our interns who have graduated, planning on helping us out.  One from Oklahoma, one from California, two from Phoenix and one from Flagstaff.  I am so happy they will be here, since I’m basically no help, and now I know Jen will have the support she needs from the people who helped build this festival!  Love our Interns past, present and future!

Ticket sales are going strong, we’re excited to see everyone who is attending and if you’ve put off buying tickets, better get on it, we’ve only got a little over 600!  So, it looks like we’re going to have a great crowd for this year’s festival, and just a reminder that parking is free and onsite.  We will have handicapped parking in the front, and if you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We want everyone to enjoy their time at the Flagstaff Blues and Brews Festival!

Soooooo, I got to personally talk with Nick Moss and what a cool guy!  I really enjoyed talking with him and even though he and I talked for a good half an hour – I’m only going to put in the questions I asked everyone else.

Peak Events – What are your most fun songs to perform?
Nick Moss – This new album is full of fun songs to perform.  The new record was made in just a couple of days and we had a good time making it.  It has some fun and comical lyrics and we’re good at making fun of ourselves on stage.  Each night, after a performance, Dennis Gruenling and myself dissect each song, and we always have fun.  One song I really enjoy doing is He Walked With Giants.  It’s a tribute to a very good man, who changed my life and I always enjoy singing a tribute to him.

Peak Events – What is the best part of touring?
Nick Moss – The best part of touring, is getting to meet new people and seeing beautiful places.  In America, we have so many incredible sites and great things to see.  And I’m a large man who always enjoys tasty foods!

Peak Events – What is the one dish your mom cooks that you can’t get enough of?
Nick Moss – My mom is 100% Sicilian, and a great cook.  She makes a red sauce that will stop you in your tracks, pasta, meatballs, any of her dishes.  But the one I begged for as a kid, was her stuffed peppers.  No one can beat her stuffed peppers.   The only thing she can’t fix is meatloaf, so my dad learned how to make it.

Peak Events – When you’re not playing or writing music, what do you like to do?
Nick Moss –  I love to cook!  I’m on a health plan and I’m eating more and more of the Keto diet.  I’ve lost 70 pounds, and the fun part has been learning how to cook in a different manner, a healthier way to cook.

After talking with Nick, I have to say, I’m even more excited to see him play and I also found out he and Curtis Salgado are great friends!   I can hardly wait!

On a personal note – we received news about my tumor markers.  When I started this journey, my markers were at 5,319.  Normal is 35.   Mine have dropped from 457 to 51!   I told you all, I was going to beat this!  I do NOT have time for this!   There isn’t a chance in hell, I’m going to be bald, tired and not working at next year’s festival!  So, thank you for all the wonderful thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement – I really do appreciate it all and it’s working!!!!