Hey Blues Fans!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am currently watching it rain/snow here in Flagstaff. I’ll tell you I am ready for Blues and Brews, just so I can get warm! June can’t come soon enough for me. I’m over this crazy spring weather we have been having!

I thought I would spend this newsletter talking about the food and drink selection we have this year!

Let’s start with the food… yum! It is lunch time as I write this. I want to let everyone know you can check out the entire list of vendors here.

It wouldn’t be a Peak Events festival without Fratelli Pizza – a local favorite and some of the nicest guys to work with.
Sallys BBQ out of Cottonwood is coming back! They will be serving up BBQ sandwiches, sausages, ribs and of course ribbon fries!
Cody Coyote Kettlecorn is another Peak Events staple – Robin and her team always do an incredible job. She’s got kettlecorn, Italian ice, cotton candy and nachos!
Dippin Dots is also coming back from last year – so you can get your ice cream fix!
DEZ Burrito is a brand new vendor – they will be serving up Authentic burritos!
Whip it Good is also a new vendor serving Acai bowl, cheesecake on a stick and frozen bananas!
We’ve listened to the feedback and we have a coffee vendor! Single Speed coffee out of Flagstaff will have hot and iced drinks, along with Chai and iced tea!
Canyon Funnel cakes is bring just that, Funnel Cakes!
Philly Up is also new to our event and they will have Philly Cheesesteak and Gyros.
Hibachibot is a Koren BBQ food truck – also new to our event.
Cousins Main Lobster is coming! They came to our Oktoberfest last year and killed it, so if you need your lobster fix go see them.
And finally out of the Verde Valley, Farm a Go Go – who will have gluten free options, salads, etc. They are a Farm to table food truck. YUM.

So hopefully we have something for everyone and can curb any of your festival food cravings!

Then we have the drink selection… beer, wine and canned cocktails!

We wouldn’t be living up to our name if we didn’t have a WIDE variety of beer! So here we go… Bud Light, yes some of you are rolling your eyes but believe it or not this is our best seller! Mother Road Tower Station AND Kolsch. I love our local brewery, and Michael and his team at Mother Road know how to brew a great beer! Deschutes Black Butte Porter – a porter in June, you can thank my father for that. He loves porter! We are also serving up Deschutes Fresh Squeezed – I haven’t tried this yet but everyone tells me how amazing it is! Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because it just goes down so smooth while sitting in the sun. Odell 90 Shilling – if you’ve been to our early years you know that Odell helped us start this festival and I do love their beer. Barrio Blonde out of Tucson – this was our second best seller last year, so I had to bring it back. Estrella Jalisco which is a brand new Mexican Beer out on the market. Michelob Ultra for those watching their waste line. Ace Perry Cider for something a little tarte and gluten free. And Widmer Omission Pale Ale as another Gluten Free option. I think I’ve got one more tap handle open that we are trying to decide what to put on it… if you’ve got a suggestion email me! Remember, it has to be distributed by Hensley – they have been our longtime partner!

I’ll be honest I am still trying to finalize the wine offerings, but please know we will have a red wine – most likely a pinot noir, a white wine – probably a chardonnay, and of course a prosecco! All of which can be purchased by the bottle.

We are trying something new this year, canned cocktails thanks to Cutwater spirits. I had seen these in stores and on Instagram and thought what a great idea for festivals! Because putting a full bar at a festival is no small undertaking. So I reached out and Phil was good enough to get me some samples… and WOW. It’s good! So we will have the Lime Margarita, Vodka Mule, Vodka Soda Grapefruit (one of my favorites), Whiskey Lemon Tea, Rum and Cola, and finally the Bloody Mary – Mild. We went with mild because spicy was a bit much… and OMG is it good! I hope you like these as much as I do!

Water… so important at this elevation and in the heat (that better be coming). We have a FREE Hydration station. So bring your empty water bottle, or grab a FREE Clean Freak cup and enjoy Arrowhead water for free!
Now, our vendors will be selling bottles too – so maybe support them a bit too.

So that is the run down of food and drinks at the event! I hope you like it.

Have a great week and fingers crossed this snow stops!