Hello Blues Fans!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday! We ended up with over 20 inches of snow here in Flagstaff! It’s absolutely beautiful and makes it feel like Christmas! I don’t mind the snow, although my back would say otherwise, shoveling is no joke!

Onto the festival! I am giving myself this month to finish up the contracts, most are executed, just waiting on a few more. I’m one where I need to have it signed to really believe they will play our festival. I’ve got tent rentals dialed in, porta johns are ordered, fencing is secured. I am working on some marketing plans and partnerships. My Aunt and I finished up the sponsorship packages and we are both selling… my least favorite part but it helps fund the event, so I’ve got to do it. I can’t afford this event without them, and I wouldn’t want to. We’ve made some great partnerships over the years, and I value each and every one of them! This will also be the last newsletter with our 2019 partners listed… because 2020 is just around the corner. HOLY COW! I can’t believe that.  So take a minute to see the full list of our 2019 partners, this event would not be possible without each and every one of them. So to the sponsors on this newsletter, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year was a hard one for me, and you all stepped up to not only support the event, but really it was faith in me, that I could do this. Thank you so much for the generosity but also the friendship, and love I’ve received this year.

Things on my to do list in December… finish all band contracts, design (well Breeyna will) our 2020 lineup announcements, measure the layout, measure for parking, and finalize the contract with our parking partner. We have some changes coming in 2020 – we will be charging for parking. And we will have a FREE shuttle partner. I’m also thinking of changing up the look of our newsletter, and maybe add some more details/areas to our website. I have a list a mile long for Blues, Oktoberfest, this spring conference I’m planning and just things around the house! Because it’s Christmas time that means decorating and parties and gifts and family. So much to do and so very little time. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that.

We are also starting to get ideas for 2020 merchandise, and yes I know I need more of it, that was a BIG mistake this year. But what do YOU want to see us make? Hats – if so, what kind of hats? Bandanas? T-shirts? Tank Tops? Long Sleeve? Hoodies? Earrings? Bracelets? Seriously – what would you want to buy? I would LOVE to hear from you on what it is you actually want to see our logo on, or versions of our logo. Do you want a lineup shirt with both or separate them by day? So many options, I’ve got option paralysis.

We are officially ready for the Christmas Holiday, LOL. Jason and I got a tree cutting permit so we could cut down our own tree, and then it snowed 20 inches! I’ll keep you all posted on the adventure of cutting down our own tree, because with these conditions it should lead to a good story!

I want to thank all of you, the fans of this festival. You’ve all been so kind to me this year, and you’ve supported my mom and I for years. We’ve become one big family and I love that most of all. Thank you for taking the time to email me, or call me. Thank you for giving me your honest feedback and criticism. Thank you for spending your hard earned money on our festival, yes ours. This isn’t my festival because without each of you buying a ticket, there would be no festival, so THANK YOU!

I want to wish each of you a very happy holidays and happy new year!