Hi Blues Fans!

Well you only have a few more days for early bird pricing! That’s right Friday Ticket prices increase! This will be the lowest tickets will be sold for, sure you might get lucky with a discount code here and there but they will never be as cheap as they are now… so what are you waiting for? Click HERE to buy your tickets now. Tell your friends and family – you don’t want them overpaying for tickets either!

I should also note that we are NOT going to be selling tickets in Flagstaff or Phoenix – online only. I know, I know but seriously I would need to print out 4 different kinds of tickets and it just hasn’t been running smoothly in the past. The bigger we get (which is a good thing), the harder it is to keep our small mentality.

Now, if you do want a FREE ticket… you’ll have to work for it, Volunteer that is! We have available positions for both Friday and Saturday – remember you only get in Free for the day you worked. Click HERE to sign up!

I’ve also been getting questions about booze… people after my own heart. LOL. As always we will be working with our incredible partner, Hensley Distributors. I’m working with them on what Beer to serve, in 2018 we had 13 different beers to choose from! That apparently wasn’t enough because we still got some negative feedback. I thought I’d fill you in on how the beer works… so each brewery signs up with a distributor of their choosing, that means only that distributor has the right to sell their product. So while some of you might want a certain brewery, they have to be signed up with our distributor. Hensley has been very good to us over the years, and has the largest beer portfolio of any distributor in Flagstaff! With that said, send me an email on what you’d like to see and I’ll answer if it’s even a possibility. By now you should know I love feedback and I always respond even when it’s negative.

I’m also planning on wine of course, because I’m a wino! Not that I get to drink during the event.  I’m trying to decide between canned wine (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) or basic bottles. I know we sold a lot of bottles of wine last year, not just glasses! We are also considering some canned cocktails! No promises but we are working on it. Again, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it… they have come a long way! The Mild Bloody Mary is my favorite!

I also confirmed our Hydration Station is coming back, thank you Arrowhead Water who donates ALL the water! I did ask for more since we ran out last year and had to give away bottled water. May I also ask that you pump your own water. I know sounds like a no-brainer but it wasn’t apparently!

Okay folks… it’s literally your last chance to purchase tickets at the lowest possible price… you have 4 days… so don’t wait!