Hi Blues Fans!

Well it seems you like our 2019 lineup! I can’t believe how well tickets are selling – like the fastest they have ever sold before. THANK YOU! And keep it up, seriously we want 5,000 attendees this year! So tell your friends, family and co-workers about this amazing Arizona festival in June. Early Bird Pricing ends this month, so don’t wait!

We have our General Admission for Friday only where you’ll get to see 4 bands, Saturday Only General Admission where you can see 6 bands.  Our 2-day GA ticket which is the better deal! And of course, VIP… which yes is only a 2-day ticket. It just makes my life and our sponsor’s life easier. So, if you can’t make Friday then grab a GA Saturday only ticket! You don’t want to miss this lineup!

Speaking of VIP… Twin Arrows Casino Resort is back as our sponsor! They will have amazing food for both Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday! We will have an incredible Bar (Cash or Credit Cards accepted), Private Bathrooms and much needed shade! I also have confirmed that Massage Envy is coming back to offer free chair massage! We also added an early entry time for VIP, you can access the venue 30 minutes before General Admission!

I’m working on Sponsors – HELP! Seriously blues fans if you know of someone who might be interested, or you have an “in” with a business please let me know. This is what my mom did and I’m struggling, it’s not the same without her by my side.

Happy Valentine’s Week! My mom always made a big deal of Valentine’s Day even just last year. She loved love. She was such a lover of all things and people. She knew how to make you feel so special. I remember in High School she came to my work with a stuffed animal she put my new earrings on the ears, cards because she loved cards and of course chocolate. I know my mom was very open and personal about her journey last year with cancer. I find it a little harder to be so open about my struggle with her death probably because it still doesn’t seem real and while everyone wants to help the only thing that would help is her. I’m not sure anyone even our family really understood our relationship and our bond. She’s been my world for my 37 years… my mom, my best friend, my business partner, my cheerleader, my heart. I feel so lost without her. I feel all the pressure to make this event successful and a tribute to her. On announcement day tickets were selling so well and I cried all day because I wanted to enjoy it with her.

So Arizona Blues Family because that is what you’ve been to us… I need your help. I need your help with getting sponsors and selling tickets. So please any help you can give in those areas would be much appreciated.