Hey Blues Fans!

December 1st… WHAT! I can’t be the only one who is surprised at how fast this year has flown by.

November was an incredibly productive month for the festival. I’ve got our tent rentals squared away. Security is ready to go. We’ve got the NAU Parking lots to shuttle everyone from, I just need to find shuttles. I’m already looking at merchandise for 2023. Bands are almost all signed… fingers crossed we get the final band confirmed soon! I’m working with our ticketing company to get fees lowered and ready to go on February 1st. I’ve got our partnership with Phoenix New Times secured. Our Stage and Sound company is signed. Fencing company is signed. Golf carts to transport people from parking to the front and back are signed – I ordered more and larger ones! We have our photo booth, photographer, videographer, and most of our staff secured. I mean I still have a lot to do, but I am feeling GOOD about where the event is right now.

I booked hotel rooms for my artists, speaking of hotel rooms, have you gotten yours? I’ve been posting hotel deals on Facebook, but you can see them HERE, on our website. Remember Sonesta is offering year round discounts!

I plan on tweaking the layout this month, finalizing our bands so I can get the graphics created and ready to go! I also need to get the vendor applications finalized so I can send those out.

I’ve also started reaching out to potential sponsors… remember I really need them to help financially support this increasingly expensive festival! I have signed some already, including Hensley Beverage Distributors, Aetna Medicare Solutions, Satchmo’s BBQ, Nackard Pepsi and Twin Arrows Casino is coming back as our VIP Sponsor!

Alright Blues Fans, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope your December Holidays are just as amazing. Tell your friends, and mark your calendars the lineup announcement and ticket sales go LIVE February 1, 2023!

Happy December and stay warm!