Hi Blues Fans!

Well October has been an incredible month! I held my Flagstaff Oktoberfest Festival and that was incredible, we had such a gorgeous fall day and so many people!!! We raised $16,000 for our local charity. I somehow recovered quickly from that and dove right into Blues 2023!

I have been putting offers into so many bands, it’s been a rollercoaster for sure. I’m super excited and then BOOM they aren’t available. There have been many phone calls to my inner blues circle asking questions about who and when, etc. Please know that I really do take all your suggestions to heart and I tried SO hard this year to grab a few of them but the stars just didn’t align. With all of that drama, I am happy to report that I am 90% done with the lineup, I am just waiting for some contracts. I feel VERY good about this lineup and think you’ll love it too!

Just a reminder that the lineup goes live on February 1st and our Tickets go on sale the same day!

I also decided that this year I am going to attend the International Blues Competition in Memphis in January. I’m very excited to meet more blues folks around the country and listen to some great blues music! I’m very excited to finally be able to attend this event.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the hotel deals that I’ve been posting on Facebook, but you can see them HERE. Remember we now competing with hotel rooms for two other events as well, so please just book yours now and if you don’t like my lineup (but you will) then you cancel them. The same goes for if you want to camp at any of our local campgrounds – that will probably fill up even faster than hotel rooms because we have so little of them. We did just get a deal if you want to camp with Elevated Camping, book online before the end of this year and get $50 off! I am still working to get more, so keep checking the website and Facebook for updates.

I’ve also started reaching out to potential sponsors… remember I really need them to help financially support this increasingly expensive festival! So if you have a personal contact with a business, or you think you’ve got a business that should be in front of well, YOU, then please pass them along to me. Pretty please!

Happy November and Thanksgiving! We’ll chat again soon.