Hi Blues Fans!

October 1st… where did the summer go? Well today I’m actually producing another event, The Flagstaff Oktoberfest!

September has been a good month! I’ve got sponsorship packages ready, and a list of potential sponsors to go after. I’ve got some logistical things set. And I had a great conversation with the Utah Blues Festival. He gave me a lot of insight on bands, and possibly working together since their festival will be the week after ours in 2023.
I haven’t put an offer in for any bands yet, I’ll be honest it’s paralyzing to try and pick the right bands for 2 days and stay in my budget. Not to mention I’ve been really busy with other events this month. I plan on hitting the ground running the 1st week of October and getting some bands lined up!

I’ve also been thinking about merchandise. Would you want an online store? I’ve been throwing around the idea. The only problem is all the Merchandise has to stay in my storage unit, so you’d have to be okay with waiting a bit longer for it to ship to you. Let me know! I’m also interested in hearing what kind of merchandise you want in 2023 – specific items but also what designs?

Check out what’s coming to The Orpheum in Flagstaff by clicking HERE.

Sorry this so short folks, I am literally in my office at 8:30 at night, drinking wine writing this newsletter. Time to wrap it up for the day!

Until next time… have a great October and please email me!