We are now in the 24 hour count down!

Next – lets talk the weather – Looks like we’re going to have clear skies, which means intense sun! We will have a couple of shade tents, but not enough for everyone, and they are a first come first serve. You can bring shade as long as it’s not more than 36 inches tall and we ask that you sit further back, so you don’t block anyone’s view. Looks like we’re looking at 84 degrees and windy. So, we’ll have air movement which will be nice, but when that sun goes down around 7:40 it’s going to start cooling off very quickly. Now, we will be selling long sleeve shirts and hoodies, but I’d suggest you keep a blanket or light jacket in your car and head out to grab them when the sun goes down. You won’t regret it!

If you are in GA – Bring a festival chair to sit in. Believe me, the grass is nice, but even that feels hard by the end of the day! Bring sunscreen! We are 5,000 feet closer to the sun than you are in Phoenix. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but you will burn at the elevation! If you forget it, don’t worry we have you covered in the Information Booth!

HYDRATION! And no, beer is NOT hydrating! in an unopened/sealed bottle of water or, if you’d like to use our free hydration station, bring in an empty reusable water bottle. We also have FREE cups you can use and keep reusing.

We will have programs this year, like last, if you do not receive one when you walk in, please pick one up at the info tent! We also have free pictures again this year! Flagstaff Subaru is our photo booth sponsor, so stop by and get a free picture!

Okay everyone – thank you for the support! Thank you for the excitement and thank you for being a part of this amazing and crazy adventure. We’re all in this together! We couldn’t do this without all the amazing people who come and give us feedback and tell their friends about what we do. You are the reason we do this. Your support and encouragement mean more to us than you will ever know. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Drive safe, drink safe and have FUN!!!!

See everyone tomorrow!!!!