Hello Blues Fans!

November 1st means we’re only 7 months away from Arizona’s Largest Blues Festival!   All I can say, is if the stars align and we get the lineup we put together, OH MAN will you guys be happy campers!  I believe we have 4 out of 10 left to sign. SO EXCITING!!!!!!   Okay, the real countdown is for one of my favorite holidays!   Thanksgiving!!!!   When do you EVER get the opportunity to blow up a diet, so much, that it throws up it’s hands in defeat?  When do you really get a chance to eat nonstop for a day, while sitting around watching football?   It’s a good holiday people and I hope you really enjoy.

Right now there really isn’t a lot to talk about, not like starting February 1st when we announce the lineup.  You’re really not interested in sponsorship negotiations, or marketing meetings and that’s what life consists of.  Everything hits the fan at once we make the lineup announcement and continues for the following 4 months.

So, what thought I’d do is review an album a month for the next few months.  I love listening to music and since the doctor has me grounded, I thought why not see what new albums (or CDs), are coming out or have come out.  I fell in love with Shemekia Copeland’s new album America’s Child, which was released on August 3, 2018.  I loved this album, and felt a tenderness I hadn’t heard before.  She’s always had an amazing voice, but this time she was softer in her deliver.  The album opens up with “Ain’t Got Time For Hate” and wraps up with a sweet lullaby for her son.  This isn’t a political album at all, this album features Shemekia’s ability to switch from Blues to rock to soul to Americana and Country.  On Shemekia’s Webpage, this was what she had to say in regards to America’s Child.   She says, “After having a child, I started thinking about the world I brought him into, how it actually is and how I wished it was and all the things he will have to go through. And to live in this world today, you have to have a strong foundation like I did to make it through. So that’s what ‘America’s child’ means to me. I’m truly grateful to all the artists that joined me on this record – it wasn’t about the genre for anyone, it was about the music and mutual love and respect.”  This album was very enjoyable, I was lucky enough to sit outside, under an apple tree and listen fully to this album.  Well worth the download.

Cancer Update – The tumor in the pancreas has shrunk significantly, but the liver tumors are being stubborn, so I have until November 13th to show some progress of shrinking in the liver tumors or they take me off the trial drug, which is something I don’t want!  So, I’m resting like I should, trying to keep down as much food as I can, and will keep pushing through!

Jennifer and Debbi wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!