Hi Blues Fans!

So this is going to be VERY short… if you’ve been here awhile, then you know that in addition to putting on the Blues Festival, I also own/produce the Flagstaff Oktoberfest. And well that event is happening, TOMORROW! So to say I’m busy is an understatement. I am blessed with 11 incredible interns, and Mackenzie who is one of the most incredible people I know. I’ve got family coming up, the best of friends helping as well, and you can’t forget my amazing boyfriend Jason who bless his heart puts up with me in my festival craziness.
I’d love to see you all at Oktoberfest! Click HERE for tickets – $5 ahead of time, or $7 day of. And you can click HERE to learn all about it.

So, while I’ve been up to my neck in Oktoberfest planning, I’ve been pretty busy on the Blues front too! I’m signing bands left and right! I’ve got to finalize our headliners but I’m pretty close to doing that. I had a meeting with the Country Club and we are working on cleaning up the driving range. I’m going to be sending out sponsor solicitations this month, so keep your fingers crossed! I’m working with my incredible graphic designer to get things rolling on ads, posters and of course our lineup announcement – February 1st!
Click HERE to check out our hotel partners!

Okay folks… it’s the day before a festival, so you know what that means? I’m not eating, sleeping, or drinking enough water. So I’ve got to go!

Thank you for all the love and support over these 2 years of COVID BS. I’m so looking forward to knocking your socks off in 2022!