Hey Blues Fans!

Well my October flew by with everything I had going on! We had an extremely successful Flagstaff Oktoberfest, one of our best years yet! We were able to donate over $13,000 to our charity. That felt really good. Jason and I went to the Cardinals vs. 49ers game in Phoenix – great game as always. We are shopping for new Kitchen appliances, adulting sucks. I went hunting again with my dad, Terry, we had a great time! It was the same unit 10 we had in 2020 but this year because of all the rain it was green, the grass was up to my knees and there was water everywhere! Then this past week I was busy coordinating a conference, nothing like 30 plus hours in 3 days. It was a success and I think everyone had a good time.

So now that all of that is done, November is all about Blues! That’s right, I have no other events until April 2022, so thank goodness because I have a lot to do! I know you’ve heard this before, I feel like I’m behind, I know I’m not but it still feels like it. So I’m happy that I’ve got the full month of November to tackle this event. I have done some stuff, like I’ve got all our bands signed, WOO HOO. I’m starting to sell sponsorships, I’m working on some great marketing partnerships, and I got our hotel deals squared away.

I’ll be working with our graphic designer on new marketing materials, I need to secure our tents, parking staff, security staff, shuttles, etc. I mean the list is much longer than that but it’s Sunday and after this long week my brain still isn’t 100%.

I am making my mom’s spaghetti recipe and the house smells amazing! It’s about time I pour myself a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

I hope all of you have a great November, and a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember you can always reach out with suggestions, ideas, comments, concerns, etc. I’m always here and open to hearing it.

We’ll chat in December!!!